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Research policy

The University of Deusto is an institution committed to efficient and competitive professional training and to innovation and social development. As part of this project, the Faculty of Law seeks to play a key role in the field of legal research, knowledge generation and transfer, achieving a fine balance between scientific-legal production and intervention in society.

The distinctive features of research in the Faculty are its interdisciplinary nature and social dimension applied to the private and public sectors. The focus of research is on legal specialisation. In recent years, the Faculty has made a major effort towards the internationalisation of research through important collaborations with other research centres and universities.

To achieve all this, the Faculty has strong research teams that are responsible for coordinating and implementing the Faculty’s research policy in different thematic areas including:

  • Economy and its interconnection with social innovation and development.
  • The regulatory articulation of the Public Power and its changes.
  • Transnational law and its transformations in a global framework.
  • The regulatory nature of European integration, its evolution and development.
  • Patrimonial law from and interdisciplinary and multilevel perspective.
  • Economic criminal law.
  • Law and genetics, biotechnology and biomedical research.
  • Cooperativism, its regulatory framework and evolution in the local and global context.
  • Regulatory processes and institutions of international trade.
  • The social protection of law.
  • Law and labour relations.
  • Human rights, cultural diversity and humanitarian aid in a global and conflict context.
  • Law and transnational migrations.