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Full list of courses

  • Each semester subject in the Law Faculty is worth 6 ECTS credits (approx. 60 taught hours per semester).
  • As many of our subjects are offered to various student groups with different class schedules, you can enrol with the group that best suits your course and timetable.
  • If your home university allows so, you can also sign up for subjects such as foreign languages, Basque language and culture, subjects taught in other Faculties or even write Academically Directed Tasks, worth 6 ECTS credits.

Below is a list of subjects offered in the Faculty of Law.

  • The first six subjects in the 1st semester may also, when applicable, be recognised as equivalent to the 1st semester subjects of our LLM Master’s in International Legal Studies (visit this page If you need further information about this option).
1st Semester Courses (September - January) ESP ENG EUS
Biomedicine and Law
(Recognised, when applicable, in our LLM Master’s)
 Constitutional Law and Comparative Legal Systems
(Recognised, when applicable, in our LLM Master’s)
European Contract Law
(Recognised, when applicable, in our LLM Master’s)
 X  X  
International Trade Law
(Recognised, when applicable, in our LLM Master’s)
 X  X  
Eu Political and Economic Integration
(Recognised, when applicable, in our LLM Master’s)
International Human Rights Protection
(Recognised, when applicable, in our LLM Master’s)
 X  X  
 Academically Directed Tasks  X  X  X
Financial Analysis  X    
Political Science I: Theory of the State and Constitutional Framework  X    X
Political Science II: International Organisations  X
Public Contracts and Resources  X    X
Insolvency Law  X    
 Business Law    X
Online Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and Competition Law  X    
 E-commerce and Contract Law  X    
 Environmental Law  X    
 Labour and Social Security Law  X    X
Financial Law  X    X
Private International Law  X  X
Corporate and Economic Criminal Law  X    
 Civil Rights and Freedoms in the Information Society  X    
Public Employment  X    
 The International Scope of Business  X    
Procedural Law Specialisations in the Commercial sphere  X    
 Philosophy of Law  X    X
Historical Foundations of the Legal System I: Roman Law  X    X
 Administrative Intervention in Economic Activities  X    
Introduction to Economics  X    X
 Introduction to Law I: Foundations of Private Law  X    X
Introduction to Law II: Constitutional Organisation of the State  X    X
Obligations, contracts  X    X
Business Organisation  X    
 Labour Force Participation and Social Economics  X    X
Appeals and Civil Enforcement Criminal Proceedings  X    X
 Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection  X    
Theory of Crime and its Legal Consequences  X    X



2nd Semester Courses (February - June) ESP ENG EUS
Advanced accounting  X    
Crimes and Penalties  X    X
Basque Civil and Autonomous Law  X    X
Commercial Contract Law  X    X
European Union Law  X  X  
Telecommunications Law  X    
 Company Law  X    X
Public International Law  X  X  
 Jurisdictional Law and Declarative Civil Procedures  X    X
Special Property Law  X    X
 Social Law and International Contracts  X  X  X
 Tax Law  X    X
Property Law  X    X
Financial Management  X    
EU Economy  X    
Economy, Business and Information Society  X    
 Business: Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis  X    
Ethics II: Civil and Professional Ethics  X    
Family and Inheritance  X    
 Historical Foundations of the Legal System II: History of Institutions  X    
Introduction to Web Technologies  X    X
Public Administrations and their Activities  X    X
ICTs in Spanish Public Law  X    
Sanctioning Power and Rule of Law  X    X
System of Sources and Constitutional Rights X   X


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