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The focus of the Chair is on scientific research carried out by the team members during their academic careers and looks to continue the gradual yet steady process of in-depth study and expansion in this field, from the material as well as the subjective points of view.

Its specific aim is to analyse society vs. globalisation and the legal implications of this analysis from different aspects, beginning with a general approach. The second part focuses more specifically on economic globalisation; business and markets, where the impact of economic globalisation is especially examined in trade.

The main research lines include:

  • Reflection on Public Power and Business in a multi-level transnational context
  • Access to justice, independence of judicial bodies, cooperation and international judicial dialogue
  • Public intervention in economy
  • Competition Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • European contract and patrimonial law
  • The EU economic constitution
  • Teaching innovation in Law studies


Cátedra Jean Monnet  Integración Jurídica y Económica de las personas en la Unión EuropeaAvda de las Universidades, 2448014 - Bilbao944.139.055laura