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Chair Holder

 Laura Gómez Perfil

Laura Gómez Urquijo




Laura Gómez Urquijo holds a Phd in Law and is postgraduated at the Insitute of European Studies of Turin. She has been teaching Economics of the EU in the University of Deusto for 20 years at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD. Level. She has also been guest lecturer in various Latin American and European universities. She has supervised Doctoral, Master and Undergraduate thesis on EU integration.

Her research counts on more than 50 publications and presentations in International Conferences in the field of EU economic integration and its social impact. She has been coordinator and main researcher in EU, international and national work packages/ research projects.

At the University of Deusto she has been, among others, Director of the UNESCO Chair for Human Resources in Latin Amercia,, Key Staff of the Jean Monnet Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies on European Integration and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law. Currently she is Head of the Department of Economics and Management of the Faculty of Law.



Key Staff

 Joana Abrisketa Perfil

Joana Abrisqueta Uriarte




Previous to joining the University of Deusto, she completed the European Master Degree on International Humanitarian Action fulfilling the internship requirement at the European Commission (1997). She has taught International Law, European Law and International Organizations since 2000 both at the University of Deusto and on the above-mentioned European Master Degree programme. She has also accepted invitations to teach at other universities, both national and international.

She has participated in relevant FP7 European projects such as the FRAME ( The project required that she worked closely with the nineteen participating institutions. Particularly, she was responsible for a team of five researchers in order to complete a work package on European Union external action and human rights.

In addition to European-wide projects, she was Vicedean for International Relations and Research at the Faculty of Law at Deusto for four years. A high level of communication and networking skills was required in this position. Following this experience, she was designated her present position, that of Director of the Transnational Law Department in the same Faculty.



Marta Enciso Orientación Internacional 

Marta Enciso Santocildes



Marta Enciso has been teaching in the business and economic department of the Law Faculty since 1993, also in the Engineering Faculty and Human and Social Sciences. She has also taught in postgraduate and doctoral courses at Deusto University as well as other Spanish and foreign universities Colombia, Brazil, Latvia, Finland….) The Evaluation of the teaching activities has been positive, above the average, and has a leading role in the quality assessment process of teaching activities with the University of Deusto (Docentia Programme). Her universitary trajectory has been certificated in the Basque quality systems (UNIBASQ) at the level of Assistant Professor.

She participates with regularity in different nets, forums, congress and seminars specialized in the field of social economy, solidarity based economy, social businesses and social innovation. She is also author of several scientific publications in these areas and has taken part in five European Union competitive high level projects as well as other national and international scientific projects.

She holds the position of Vicedean for students and International Affairs at the Law Faculty of Deusto University since June 2015, after other academic positions (secretary of the institute of cooperative studies or secretary of Master in Business Law) and other managerial task at Universitary level (assistant to a Vicerector).



Aitziber Mugarra Perfil  

Aitziber Mugarra Elorriaga




Aitziber Mugarra Elorriaga has been teaching Economics and Management subjects in the University of Deusto for 25 years at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD. Level: including some specific modules on EU. She also has experience as guest lecturer in various Latin American and European universities.

Currently, she is the Coordinator for Teaching Innovation and Service-Learning at the Law Faculty, leading several projects in which the European perspective is included.

She has developed numerous management skills at the University of Deusto, as Director of the Institute of Cooperative Studies, and former Director of the Department of Economic Specialty. Actually she is the lead researcher and coordinator of the EDISPe Research Team, officially recognised by the Basque public authorities as quality research team.

In her role as researcher, she has coordinated some European research projects related to social issues and currently she is the lead researcher of a multidisciplinary action research project exploring social innovations for inclusive societies in order to spread the experience throughout Europe



Gema Tomas Perfil 

Gema Tomás Martínez




Gema Tomás Martínez is Professor of Contract Law and has been teaching this subject for over 20 years and European Contract Law for 10 years in the University of Deusto at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD Level. She has been guest teacher in other Universities in Europe (Latvia, Bucarest) and in Latin America (Antofagasta, Santiago de Chile). Her research has been recognised with two prizes and it has been certified in the Spanish national systems (2 “sexenios”).

She is a member of some relevant networks related to the process of harmonizing European Law, such as Common Core of European Private Law (Trento Group). She participates in two projects in this network (Interpretation of commercial contracts and Remedies in Contract law). She is a visiting fellow of the Centre for European Civil Law in the University of Amsterdam and she regularly takes part in different forums, congresses and seminars focused on the field of consumer law, contract law and European Contract law.

She is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Law in the University of Deusto after other relevant positions in Academic Management such as Director of the legal School of Practice, for more than 15 years, in collaboration with the Bar Association of the province; and Director of Private Law for more than 10 years.